Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tommy Passes The Challenge

On a warm June day in which the entire field rode the hilly Tree Links course, Tom Kirk emerged on top of the list after tight battles in both groups. The Challenge historically produces some high scores and the 2010 edition was no exception with two thirds of the field failing to break a hundred.

Ed and Scott both played strong in the second group, but it was the first group that produced the drama and the winning score. Tom pulled through with solid shots in the closing holes to win the second Columbus Metro Golf Club tournament of the 2010 season. Congratulations Tom.

Tom Kirk: 98/80/+7
Jeff McCorkle: 94/82/+9
Richard Jenks: 102/83/+10
Ed Hawley: 105/84/+11
Scott Kern: 106/87/+14
Vince Resor: 114/97/+25

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Steve Hawley Wins 2010 Lobsterfest

The sun shone brightly on the 19th annual Lobsterfest at new venue Safari Golf Club. Sunshine is a trait uncommon to the event and marginal weather has long been part of the landscape including the inaugural event back in 1992. Today Richard Jenks, Scott Kern and Steve Hawley all crowded the top of the leaderboard, but it was Steve who persevered down the stretch closing out Richard on the final hole.

The renovated Safari was in very good shape, although the hole routing proved quirky, almost random and more conducive to carts than walkers. Top marks went to the new holes and even the old holes had a fresh look.

Jill and Tom Kirk hosted the Feast at the Flower House. The intimate setting was ideal and capped a smooth day. Mother Nature held off showers until after the event ended. Tom's shrimp boil was a hit and despite strong appetites, we were unable to finish the entire batch. Thanks Tom and congratulations to Steve.

In an unusual departure, the CMGC shortened the 2010 Lobsterfest from its traditional 36 hole format to a one day, 18 hole event. While preliminary feedback was positive, more formal hearings will be held on the format change prior to the 20th anniversary event in May 2011.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Myrtle Beach 2010

The CMGC's 19th Annual Myrtle Beach Adventure has been in the books for nearly a week. I'm enjoying the last of the Fat Tires I brought home from South Carolina while typing up this report. This morning I finished assimilating the many photos from everyone who brought a camera. Much like MB10, it is among our best work. The 2010 trip lacked two of our regulars, but what it lacked in attendance it more than made up for in entertainment, good times and harmony.

MB10 got stirred up right off the bat with a venue change to the Tropical Breeze. After several years at the big condo in North Myrtle Beach, we got a last minute upgrade to a house in Cherry Grove when Jeff pushed the hot tub issue. "Would any of these suit you?" asked from Elliott. Why yes, this one would be fab. Private house, private bathrooms for (almost) everyone, huge kitchen, great veranda overlooking the surf, easy access, and the hot tub worked. Home run. Nice job Jeff.

Pre-trip deals with Mother Nature paid off and rewarded us with possibly the best weather ever. The golf wasn't bad either. There were several sub-par net rounds, a round in the 70s, birdies and dogballs, and the final round in Jeff's quest to play every course on the Grand Strand.

The Competition Committee has finalized the tournament structures and stakes. Par 3s will still be $8, but other things are a little unusual with only seven competitors. Every Man Is A Diamond will still determine the pairings for days 1-3 with the winning team splitting $40 each day. The last day will pay $20 to the low net in each group reverse seeded by current winnings. Low net for the trip will still get first choice of rooms in 2011 with subsequent choices made by ranking. There may be no repeat winning Best Ball teams and all redraws will be from scratch. Best Ball Tie Breakers will be played on course if possible, and regression from 18 based on net scores if not. Par 3s will carry over to next day except on Day 4 where cash distributed among that day's Par 3 winners. If a round cannot be finished, results will be calculated based on last universally completed hole. Simple, eh?